[governance] [bestbits] IGF workshop proposals open

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Mon Apr 30 23:05:13 EDT 2018

It would be handy to know the dates and venue for the IGF meeting before 
workshop proposals close. Is that going to happen?

Ian Peter

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>On 30/4/18 10:52 am, Peter Micek wrote:
>>Thanks, Jeremy. Just for clarification, we are having an IGF this
>>year? Will it be in Bangkok around December 10-14?
>There will be one, and yes one option is holding it in Asia in 
>but it might also be in a European country in November. This is still
>being worked out, so please don't making any bookings for now! Nobody
>considers it a satisfactory state of affairs. As soon as I know 
>more, I will pass it on.
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