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Joly MacFie joly at punkcast.com
Thu Jul 27 01:42:10 EDT 2017

This is underway. I'd like to point you to video of the opening plenary
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3FWMwc4NnQ> moderated by Raj Singh,
however it has has been blocked, in the USA at least, because of a
copyright claim by Sony Japan.This, incidentally, is one reason ISOC
continues to use livestream.con - no ContentID!

[image: ApriIGF2017] <https://2017.aprigf.asia/>On *Thurs-Sat April 27-29
2017* the *Asia Pacific Internet Governance Forum
<https://2017.aprigf.asia/>* (AprIGF) takes place at Chulalongkorn
University, *Bangkok, Thailand*. Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance
Forum (APrIGF) is a multi-stakeholder platform for public policy on
internet and its impact on society. Since 2010, this prime annual
conference draws in discussions and incubates collaborations for the
developments of universally affordable, accessible, non-discriminated,
secure and sustainable internet across the region. Discussion points from
APrIGF are linked to the global Internet Governance Forum. The conference
program consists of three parts: the “pre-event” meetings, the “*core
conference <https://2017.aprigf.asia/program/>,*” and the “*Youth IGF Camp
<https://2017.aprigf.asia/yigf>*.” Plenaries are being webcast live
via *YouTube
<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrxHtlooySDPCQq9WWLSPJQ>*. Also live
transcription and remote participation is available via Adobe Connect.

*What: Asia Pacific Internet Governance Forum 2017
<https://2017.aprigf.asia/>Where: Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok,
ThailandWhen: Thurs-Sat April 27-29 2017
(UTC+6)Agenda: https://aprigf2017.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/aprigf2017_program-agenda_0726.pdf
<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrxHtlooySDPCQq9WWLSPJQ>Grand Hall
212 Adobe Connect <https://participate.icann.org/aprigf1/> | Scribe
<http://igf.asia/room212-aprigf1-scribe>Workshop Room 202 – Adobe Connect
<https://participate.icann.org/aprigf2/> | Scribe
<http://igf.asia/room212-aprigf2-scribe>Workshop Room 207 – Adobe Connect
<https://participate.icann.org/aprigf3/> | Scribe
<http://igf.asia/room212-aprigf3-scribe>Workshop Room 208 – Adobe Connect
<https://participate.icann.org/aprigf4/> | Scribe
#ApriIGF2017 http://bit.ly/ApriIGF2017 <http://bit.ly/ApriIGF2017>*

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