[governance] Accountability group puts Google in same league as big oil and big tobacco

Suresh Ramasubramanian suresh at hserus.net
Thu Jul 13 12:49:27 EDT 2017

On 13/07/17, 9:48 PM, "Bill Woodcock" <woody at pch.net> wrote:

> My point is that when astroturfing masquerades as science,
> it undermines data-driven policymaking, which is, I think,
> the most important thing that will make government serve
> people better, in the long term.

That’s quite true, and in a broader sense, when politics and power games  – which a lot of people across stakeholder groups indulge in – takes precedence over policy, research and data driven policymaking is the ultimate loser.

I don’t care if the bias introduced is corporate, right wing, leftist, progressive, regressive or whatever else – it is a bias and vitiates the goals of that policy.  Being what one considers “of the right ideology” doesn’t give anyone a free pass to do exactly what they condemn others when they do.


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