[governance] RootsAction and UN prohibits nuclear weapons

willi uebelherr willi.uebelherr at riseup.net
Tue Jul 11 15:47:25 EDT 2017

Am 10/7/2017 um 19:30 schrieb Suresh Ramasubramanian:
> 1. I was referring to your initial email not his, sorry for any confusion.  Your email contained material that was solely political in nature with no relation to internet governance that I could see.  Yes organising political activism over the internet is acceptable even for causes that are not related to the internet.  No, lists discussing internet policy and governance are not an appropriate venue for such campaigning.
> 2. I participate in these and other civil society mailing lists in my personal capacity and using a personal email address, with my personal opinions so any current or past employer is irrelevant to this discussion
> --srs

Dear Suresh,

i respect your critique. In the last time i distributed 2 emails not 
directly connected to the question of Internet and Internet Governance.

1) RootsAction: Like it or not (and we don't), they could destroy the world
2) The United Nations Prohibits Nuclear Weapons

I have done it for information. The background is very clear for all. If 
we don't live, we don't need to discuss Internet. All our activities for 
an open and free connected world is impossible. This means, that this 
questions of nuclear war is a questions of our basic existence.

But we have here the same like in the space of telecommunication in form 
of the Internet. If we, the people, don't start to create, what we need, 
we have no chance to get it. Other do it with a very different intuition 
and motivation.

You understand very good with your experience from India the situation, 
that the most part of the world people have no stable existence. They 
have to fight for their survival. And we know, this is not necessary. It 
is the result of a specific form of structures and organising.

I distribute this 2 emails in many lists for Community Networks, Free 
Software Foundation and free technology. And in all this lists with 
specific themes i received the answer: Off-Topic.

Maybe, this is true for many people. For me not. But i have to accept 
it. Maybe, also in the global lists from IGF and ISOC many people think 
the same.

But we know from the discussion in the ISOC list, that with our 
activities for an open internet for all people on our planet we connect 
directly to the questions, how the people in the different regions can 
participate on the way for an open telecommunication. For that we act in 
this space to cooperate.

It is not so much a question of Governance. It is much more a question 
of self-organising. And this we find in all areas of our life. And 
clear, we find it in the question of nuclear war. The most terrible form 
of destruction, what we have seen until today.

many greetings, willi
Asuncion, Paraguay

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