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It is time to reaffirm the Sao Paulo Principles from 2014. Any (multistakeholder/onestakeholder) agreement has to be build on top of the Sao Paulo Declaration.


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Hi Parminder, I am copying this also to the IGC list:

Because I am wondering if there is widespread support for developing a civil society statement supporting these efforts, and urging the development of (a framework?) (a set of principles?) to deal with these issues?

Although Microsoft is approaching this more from cyberwarfare concerns, and Google more from lack of standards dealing with surveillance requests, there is a common ground here which relates to good governance which supports basic rights when dealing with requests for data for digital surveillance.

In my own mind I am sure there is a set of good principles/guidelines which could (and should) be developed which could cover both of these concerns, and I personally feel that we in civil society should be supporting and encouraging such developments: while at the same time helping to set the agenda for what might be appropriate developments.

GCCS2017 might be one event to move this forward: but in the mean time if we can develop a strong consensus statement welcoming further discussion and developments in this area, that might be a useful contribution.

But others might feel another approach might be more productive?

Ian Peter

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Microsoft recently called for a cyber geneva convention 

Now, Google has called for international agreement on legal access to data. 

    "We need international agreements to lay out the rules of the road to deal with what is not a hypothetical problem," said Walker. "We are dealing with tens of thousands of these requests every year, and we're just one of the companies wrestling with this. We do need an international agreed upon framework to move forward in a reliable way that people can have confidence in."" 


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