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Janvier NGNOULAYE jnoulaye at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 05:49:36 EST 2017

Hi to All,
I just note that many people have deliberately chosen some words from my
last 2 mails and focused their arguments on its, and finally come out with
their declaration.
But, It would have been fair to analyse the full  content of the 2 mails,
and not to be focused on some single words taken out of their context.
Thank to Coko Tracy who pointed out a mistake of language I made when I
said ​"You are no more human rights activist than we are ......"  reather
than to say : "You are not more human rights activist than we are...."
 Next time I'll write everything in French.

I request every one to put on the table these two mails I sent and make a
fair analyse sentence by sentence.
My 1st mail was trying to describe what was happening on the ground,and at
the end I suggested that the Chapter will work with the two partis to find
out a better solution.
The 2nd mail is in response to ​Arsène, Norbert and Mawaki where I come
with the statement that they were not more human rights activist, or ​not
more open internet activist than we are in ISOC Cameroon Chapter, for
meaning that the Chapter is  in line with the vision and mission of
Internet Society on the ground. I found a  partiality in their analysis and
it is deplorable. For instance into my  2nd mail, I talked about sensitized
and educated, for the better use of the Internet technologies and policies
with the governement, and the local population. No one on this list points
out  this solution we raise and on which we are working now, to encourage
or to advice us.
Anyway, anyone is free to support or not any action we can make.

Warm regards
Janvier Ngnoulaye

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> Subject: Re: [governance] Internet Shutdown: An IGC Statement to the ISOC
> Cameroon Chapter?
> Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2017 02:29:02 +0100
> From: Janvier NGNOULAYE <jnoulaye at gmail.com>
> To: Internet Governance <governance at lists.igcaucus.org>, Norbert Bollow <
> nb at bollow.ch>, Arsène Tungali <arsenebaguma at gmail.com>
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> Dear
> ​​
> Arsène, Norbert, Mawaki
> I appreciate your enthusiasm in your role.
> ​​
> You are no more human rights
> activist than we are, or even
> ​​
> more open internet activist than we are in ISOC Cameroon Chapter.
> We volunteer  each day to work to make the Internet as open and accessible
> as possible to our local population. I do not need to show out here on this
> platform  the actions and projects achieved so far. So you must understand
> that, we can not endorse a privation of the Internet to our population for
> whom we promote the open access of the Internet. I regret that you have
> misunderstand some words of my first mail on the matter.
> I would like to thank you for your concern on the case of Cameroon and
> also thank you for the declarative solution approach you are currently
> proposing. However, note that:
> 1) Cameroon is in a situation of war against Boko Haram,
> 2) Cameroon is in a situation of war against the secessionists, who have
> at one time erected their flag inside one part of the territory, no one
> knows by who they are supported and financed.
> 3) the current socio-political context is complex, and adding to that,
> there is still a lack of knowledge for using Internet tools by a big part
> of the population.
> 4) facing all of that, the government has taken security measures in its
> own way, some may be considered unfair, but it is wise for us to try to
> seat with them, discuss and work for the better solution, because we think
> that they need to be sensitized and educated about the better used of the
> Internet technologies and policies.
> 5) In a situation of conflict and crisis in a given country, there will be
> no an universal solution as you tend to suggest  from your respective
> offices.
> 6) I chaired the ISOC Cameroon General Annual Assembly on Saturday 28
> January 2017, this issue was addressed. Not need to expose its minutes to
> you here.
> So If you really want to help, please check back your proposal.
> I wanted to appeal the Internet Community, those who made a phone call to
> us to encourage us, and all the others of the community, to  keep trusting
> ISOC Cameroon Chapter, who is working hard on the field to solve the issue.
> Best regards.
> Janvier Ngnoulaye, Ph.D
> ICT Teacher at the University
> President of the ISOC Cameroon Chapter.
> Activist of "The Internet is for everyone"
> http://www.internetsociety.cm/
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> Subject: Re: [governance] [bestbits] Please Cameroon did not shut down the
> Internet !!!
> Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2017 16:58:48 +0100
> From: Janvier NGNOULAYE <jnoulaye at gmail.com>
> To: Internet Governance <governance at lists.igcaucus.org>, Renata Aquino
> Ribeiro <raquino at gmail.com>
> CC: Deji Bryce Olukotun <deji at accessnow.org>, Arsène Tungali <
> arsenebaguma at gmail.com>, Judith Hellerstein <judith at jhellerstein.com>, <
> bestbits at lists.bestbits.net> <bestbits at lists.bestbits.net>
> Hi to all,
> It seems to me that the problem of access to Internet in Cameroon is very
> much amplified here on the Net. There are 10 regions in Cameroon, the
> problem of access to the Internet is only concerning 2 Regions.
> These 2 regions actually has some political or social crisis. The
> government and other stakeholders in these 2 areas are looking for suitable
> solutions.
> Meanwhile, the government has seen fit to cut these two regions of
> Internet access and Western Union money transfer services, for the sake of
> the entire population of these 2 regions.
> Internet works well everywhere else in the other 8 regions. I'm sending
> this mail from Yaounde in Cameroon. So the situation is not a disaster as
> some seem to publish on the Net. The ISOC Chapter can only encourage the
> government and the other stakeholders to seek lasting peace solutions, even
> if it involves a temporary suspension of Internet and Western Union
> services.
> ISOC Cameroon Chapter
> President
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