[governance] Serious Matters for ISOC

Nyangkwe Agien Aaron nyangkweagien at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 05:26:19 EST 2017

ISOC has achieved a lot of things for the internet society ( I do not need
to mention them), thanks to the contribution of the  many eminent
personalities that make that group. Such laudable achievement cannot be
allowed to be smeared by egregious lie-telling from some members, be they
those working pro-bono for ISOC.

The story of “War against secessionists” peddled here by Janvier Gnoulaye
goes on record as the fattest lie of 2017 and may be in history if we put
aside George Bush's "arms of Mass destruction in Irak". Let me explain:
since what is referred to officially in Cameroon as "the anglophone
problem" started in October 2016. There has never been a single day that
any government official has talked of war in the "Anglophone regions". I
will advise our eminent members to google Camerooun: Communication du
gouvernement sur le Problème Anglophone and see whether the government
spokesman, Mr Issa Tchiroma Bakary (Minister of Communication) has ever
used the word "war" even a single time.

This now brings to question the credibility of he who heads ISOC Cameroon.
Mr Janvier Gnoulaye (PHD) talks of an Assembly that took place and came out
with that phrase. It will be better for ISOC to get him provide the minutes
of that assembly including the scanned sheet of attendees. That will be the
only way some of us can believe that ISOC takes Cameroon (a country to
which I belong) seriously, not just the representation to increase numbers
for a certain agenda. I am morally shattered here!

We have seen the effect of war in Irak, Syria, Libya and even in Cameroon
here against Boko Haram where a General and Colonel including two military
officers of that war front died last week in a chopper crash. And if an
ISOC Chapter President, talking in that capacity, declares that there is
war when none exists, then that calls for serious questioning. ISOC’s
credibility is at stake here if such serious matters are down looked upon.
How can that be when one looks at the eminent personalities on and within

Cameroon’s chapter leadership needs serious questioning NOW!

There must be a follow up after that letter

Yours sincerely

Nyangkwe Agien
Aaron Agien NYANGKWE
P.O.Box 5213
Tel. 237 673 42 71 27
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