[governance] Multistakeholderism and Mr. Trump

Tapani Tarvainen tapani.tarvainen at effi.org
Wed Feb 1 06:35:55 EST 2017

On Feb 01 12:10, Nyangkwe Agien Aaron (nyangkweagien at gmail.com) wrote:

> Facts are facts. A fact is the Executive order signed by Trump and
> referenced in that article by Jon Finer. But Finer failed whoefully in
> reporting the other side of the story by referring us with a link to the
> Obama Executive order. His explainations are ner not facts because the fact
> is that order that must be read by all and sundry. Why is Foreign Policy (I
> read it regularly)  refusing to publish the Obama E.O?

Probably because it doesn't exist. All Obama's executive orders
are published here:


and (in an easier format) here:


The Visa Waiver program was amended during Obama's term, but not
by the president with an EO but by Congress. See, e.g.,


Tapani Tarvainen

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