[governance] My tribute to Robert W Taylor dies aged 85

srajukanumuri srajukanumuri at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 23:35:06 EDT 2017

Dear Friends ,

 Let us pay tribute to Sri  Robert W Taylor one of internet pioneer who
changed life's of millions of people world and also created millions
of Enterprising humans innovators open innovators, internet messiahs who
looked for humanity but not to become billionaire ,
Forbes top billionaire etc

No one can prepare us / your family members / friends around you all these
years for a loss; it comes like a swift in eco system where we humans part
of nature. However, take comfort in knowing that you are now resting in the
arms of god , Services to humanity as tech angle to remember for ever and
also see you born some where as little child prodigy to create new
innovations which can make humans to live in peace and prosperity. - AMEN.

My deepest condolences to his family members. RIP.

internet-computer-pioneer-robert-w-taylor-passes away

thanking you all.

kanumuri s raju

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" We  make net to think and act "
" Survival is h-commerce -human  commerce or human knowledge commerce based
on Bartering of knowledge Globally with out money as instrument "
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