[governance] bot spam, was new methods

Michael Gurstein gurstein at gmail.com
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Are you quite sure that this is spam and not a phishing trip of some sort?


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>Given the recurring problem, I suggest Garth cancels the current 
>email's subscription and subscribe with a new email account. It seems 
>telus.net is compromised and admins are not doing much to mitigate this.

It is very unlikely that Telus is compromised.  They're one of the largest telephone and broadband providers in Canada.

It is much more likely that someone else's address book got stolen, which contained Garth's address, and the addresses are now being forged into spam sent from botnets in random places all over the world.

Mailing lists need to spam filter incoming mail, and if they don't, there's not much to do other than reminding the list manager that they need to do so.  I agree that telling people, hey, you might just have gotten spam is not helpful.


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