[governance] management of technology patents , licenses and royalty agreements focus group on impacts for labour / jobs, not just IT skills

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Just a thought....
Civil society should build a focus group in the area of patents, licensing and technologies as it impacts labour supply not just skills, as it is a key to the allocation of wealth and the management of labour (job loss, is not just skills related it is actual displacement ) in to the future, if global birth rates are sustained at current levels...this is about access to technology.
In the past WSIS stakeholders have really promoted sharing of technological knowledge...so we have already have an early interest in this area of work and the monitoring of it....
Simple example. If the recipe for making cakes had not been shared but patented , there would be one global baker using a robot cake machine  and not a cake baker in every city as now...so lots of cake making jobs were sustained...Even the most complex of technology developments may have to take this route for evolution at a certain level , whatever that level may be, to minimize net job loss in the interim / short term for social stability....this may also provide enhanced creative opportunities for the future...
Job losses of the future must be managed by society as the numbers will be too large to be easily assimilated by the general job market place  plus..to address the current IT skills gap , civil society should actively support the IT education of the 40 to 65 year olds ...in to the future we will need less technically qualified people as AI develops sophistication....this is the real issue then...and we need to start planning now as the current global  talk suggests....
Amali De Silva - Mitchell...

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