[governance] How prepared are the UN WSIS civil society groups to address the issues of the so called 4th Industrial Revolution ?

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Dubbed commonly  the 4th Industrial Revolution , the impact on societies of robotics and applications taking  away jobs from manufacturing, retail sectors etc..is a significant issue for equitable sustainable development. Current solutions are still focused on the benefits of technology rather than balancing with solutions focused on  risk mitigation for populations impacted by the fall out of the 4th industrisl revolution. Who will be left behind ? How will society deal with mass job loss ?. 
The speed of technology application impacting job loss is speeding up. Civil society must start to dicsuss and develop solutions to share with other civil society groups ,and the UN bodies that will take an interest in these issues for the future such as ILO. We have the opportunity to develop best practice methods for solution finding for organizations.
Technology has a tremendous role to play in balancing resource allocations (applications) for stable socities. UN resources must be initiated  to getting performance measurement statistics in place  so as to monitor the risks for peoples displaced by technologies. UN WSIS focused on access for IT for all to provide equitable opportunities. Civil society must now play a key role in solution finding to balance the social impacts of job displacement by technology for sustainable development...

Amali De Silva - Mitchell

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