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Thanks Analia for the response.

@CPU its not about the ability to write it not, its about fair play in terms of providing equal opportunity .
Thanks God Analia intervened promptly
Happy Sunday to all.

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Dear Remmy,

Thank you very much for your comment. It was an open call so eqch candidate felt free to express their aim as they wished to. It was almost a month agonand we did not receive any comment from the candidates or the members but i will take your note for future elections, we do honestly organize this one the best way we could and we will learn for sure from this experience.

Kind regards,

On Saturday, February 20, 2016, Remmy Nweke <remmyn at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Analia and friends.

I was just wondering why some nominees have a brief on their statement of interest while one has almost all the content of application shared on this forum.

I was thinking the briefs should have a limited wordings to give everyone a level playing ground on 'why they want to serve'. Or is someone already an insider before the match?

As much I appreciate the effort of your team including DD to make this transition work, I think we should have coordinated better than what I am seeing which is bereft of a level playing grounds.

My two cents.

Remmy Nweke


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On Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 7:47 PM, Arsene TUNGALI (Yahoo) <arsenebaguma at yahoo.fr> wrote:

Dear colleagues,

It is time for election. Just wanted to bring this email up. These are the profiles of those of us who applied for the position of Co-Co for the IGC this year. Please read bellow and then consider Analia's email (sent today) to cast your vote.

Hope the process goes smoothly. Kudos to Analia, Deidre and anyone else who helped in solving the technical problem.

Arsène Tungali,
Co-founder and Executive Director, Rudi International
Founder, Mabingwa Forum

Work email: arsenebaguma at gmail.com
Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn
Internet Governance - Blogger - ISOC Member - ICANN Fellow - IGF Fellow.
Democratic Republic of Congo

Le Lundi 1 février 2016 17h52, Analia Aspis <analia.aspis at gmail.com> a écrit :

Dear group,

The time for self-nomination to become the next IGC co-coordinator has ended. I do copy the list of candidates and they expression of interest, so you have the time to read them before voting. The link and period to vote will be provided in the following days. Thank you very much for your participation!


1. Akinremi Peter Taiwo 
2. Carlos Vera Quintana
3. Arsene Tungali


1. Akinremi Peter Taiwo 

As we all know that there is need for new co-coordinator to serve for 2016 - 2018. I am nominating myself and willing to serve as Co-coordinator of IGC for this period.

 I have more than the required skills and expertise to function very well in this capacity. Working as an IT consultant has equipped me to understand the rudiments of IT technologies (software, hardware and humanware).

Have been privileged to facilitate international online discussions (FIN4AGRIC); served as social media coordinator of remote IGF events in Calabar, Nigeria; joined (NCSG) and contributes at several webinars and a strong advocate from remote participation.

Have taken several courses including but not limited to IT, education, management, climate change, policy and implementation which has widened my knowledge to function (DiploFoundation, Worldbank Institute, YaliNetwork etc).

I possess listening hear, patience, ability to resolve conflicts, task prioritization, time management, and sense of judgment.

In order to be successful in any position and achieve results, there's need for strong relationship. As a coordinator for IGC for 2016 - 2018, I will strive to build strong relationship among IGC Members that will ensure strong discussion and early consensus while ensuring everyone voice and needs is given attention.

I seek your support all.

Best regards.

2. Carlos Vera Quintana

Carlos Vera Quintana, Ecuadorian, Electronic Engineer, Master in International Relations and an active participant in national and international forums on IG for over 15 years.

I'm international director of the Internet Society Ecuador Chapter since 1999 and participated in organizations such as Icann, GIGANET, LACRALO, WITSA, etc.

I have been a board member of various business, professional, civil society and government organization, so I can say I know these areas very closely with practical work and results.

I have been president of the Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of Ecuador (professional association) ICT Sector and Internet of the Chamber of Small and medium Industry (business sector), the Connectivity Agenda of Ecuador (government) and Internet Society Internet Ecuador chapter, an international organization with chapters in more than 120 countries (Civil Society, users and citizens).

I have an excellent tech background by profession, practice and academic experience. And I have worked in international relations and Negociones since 1999 in groups such as the Free Trade Area Agreement for America, FTAA, Free Trade with USA, World Summit on Information Society, Internet Governance Forum and as an academic in Ecuador and other Latin American countries.

I have participated in projects and events on IG and related topics in academic, business and government sectors in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia for more than 20 years.

I am English proficient and understand Portuguese. I have an strong background on technologies, networks, computer systems, Internet, software, IG, hardware and humanware.

My contribution to the world of the IG is in several areas since the creation of local groups working on these issues going through the participation in several of the most important international forums both locally and in virtual mode.

I have specialized courses in Cyber laws, Cyber crime, Intellectual Property on the Internet, Mediation, International Negotiation at Harvard berkman Center, Georgetown University and others.

Led the implementation of the Internet Governance Forum in Ecuador and Internet Steering Committee of Ecuador.

I believe that I have the knowledge and ability in the technology aspects, International Relations and Governance to be very useful in the work to be done.

I have been a Councilor of Citizen Participation in Ecuador (rank of Minister of State) among other dignities that enable me to interact with diverse interest groups as needed on these issues.

I was selected as Latin American's Grand Jury for the World Summit Award of WSIS and which further certifies my skills.

I organized, in a join venture with an international team LACNIC 2012., the Latin America's largest technology and Internet-IG event in Quito with more than 450 international participants in cooperation between LACNIC and Telecommunications Superintendence of Ecuador.

You can contact me by email for any clarification or expansion on my curriculum and this nomination.


3. Arsene TUNGALI 

I would like to nominate myself for the volunteering position as the new co-co to replace Mrs Deidre Williams. I hope you will trust me enough to give me the opportunity to serve you alongside Analia for the coming years. I have a lot of ideas and plans that i will be happy to share with you and work with you on their implementation.

Full Name : Tungali Baguma Arsène

Country : Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Organisation : Rudi International 

Short Biography (you may also provide a link to your personal website or your Linkedin page if you have one.)

Arsene Tungali, 26, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, a blogger and activist. I speak fluently Kiswahili, French and English, interested in being elected as the new IGC co-coordinator to replace Deidre Williams who is leaving (just ended her term).
I am very familiar with the IGF, took Diplo Foundation IG courses and play an active role in the Central African IGF and the African IGF. I also attended and contributed to the IGF USA in 2015. I am an active member of the newly created dynamic working to host the first IGF in the DRC. I recently attended the IGF 2015 as an ISOC Ambassador, reported some sessions and blogged about my experience in Diplo’s daily newsletter during the Forum. 
I am a member of the IGC for more than 3 years now; have followed its growth and I am aware of its current challenges and strengths. I also am following various discussions on other civil society lists, helping me to get a sense of what are the needs and aspirations of the civil society as a stakeholder group in the IG sphere. I am also an active member of the Youth Coalition on Internet Governance.
I am an active ICANN fellow. I am the Executive Director of Rudi International, the only youth-led Congolese non-profit working on child online protection and women’s participation in ICT issues. Since 2012, my organization has convened the annual ITU’s Girls in ICT day events and is a member organization that is part of their Child Online Protection (COP) initiative across Africa.
LinkedIn Public profile : www.linkedin.com/pub/arsene-tungali/40/825/344/
Blog : http://tungali.blogspot.com


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