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Ang Peng Hwa (Prof) TPHANG at ntu.edu.sg
Wed Apr 1 06:44:56 EDT 2015

Hi Parminder.

I went to the IGF page and searched for your proposal. I’m surprised that the entire group of organisers consists of civil society players only.

The online proposal form has a button that allows one to ask for help if one has difficulty getting stakeholder participation. Your proposal does not have that request. I presume it means that you are not seeking inputs from government or the private sector.

Back in 2010, when we organised the first APrIGF, you and I had a couple of side chats during the meeting in HK and you gave some critical inputs that, in the long run, strengthened the meeting. One of the criticisms was that we had no government representation on the MSG (multistakeholder steering group; acronym cunningly chosen because it resembles flavouring originating in Asia). There was a bit of finger wagging by you even then and I explained to you that we had tried but no government was stepping up. Since then, we have seen increasing government involvement with the APrIGF. Fast forward to 2014 and the Indian government played a major part in the APrIGF in Delhi. I don’t know if you played a part in that but your critique in 2010 was helpful in prodding us to get government on board. In the coming Macao meeting, they are involved in sponsorships as well.

So now, seeing a proposal from you where only civil society is speaker and audience is puzzling. I have battle scars from being ejected at meetings by government officials between the two WSISs. They are so rare these days I wear them as a badge of honour.

So these are my questions that come top of my head.

  1.  If civil society can organise a session where no government or business organisation is invited, would it be acceptable if governments and business organise their own meetings among themselves?
  2.  If even the World Economic Forum is recognising the importance of a multistakeholder model http://www.weforum.org/reports/future-role-civil-society, would not a civil-society-only meeting be a step backward?

Peng Hwa

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On Tuesday 31 March 2015 01:29 PM, Anja Kovacs wrote:
Dear all,

I just wanted to share with you all that the submission deadline for the APrIGF workshops has been slightly extended, until 7 April. For those of you who are in the region, do please consider submitting a proposal!

Hi Anja

I am curious what would the mean and entail by "proposals ... should present the proposed issue ... incorporating a multi-stakeholder perspective".

For instance, it one were to present a workshop proposal titled 'Countering the power of Internet Trans-national corporations', one would normally be writing mostly about excesses of TNC's power in this area and what to do about it, isnt it. Would that fail the test of 'incorporating a MS perspective'.

Or, to take a more concrete example, those who organised the workshop on Internet Social Forum intend to also organise one the next IGF, the initial proposal is here<http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/workshop-proposals/list-of-published-workshop-proposals> ... I have a feeling that this proposal may not be considered to be 'incorporating a multi stakeholder perspective' but I dont know, you or someone else from APrIGF can tell me..

Best , parminder

With best regards,

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Date: 30 March 2015 at 12:54
Subject: [Rigf_discuss] [Extended Deadline: Apr 7(Tue)] APrIGF Macao 2015 - Last Chance to Submit Your Workshop Proposals
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Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum
APrIGF Macao 2015
30 Jun (Pre-event), 1-3 Jul (Main Conference), 2015
Sands Cotai Central, Macao

Final Call for Pre-Events/Workshop Proposals

With our promotion at the RightsCon Southeast Asia which just concluded in Manila last week, the MSG is very glad to receive the overwhelming interests from the attendees on submitting workshop proposals and their request for a further deadline extension. To enhance the diversity of the proposals and engage more stakeholders' participation, the MSG reached a consensus to further extend the submission deadline to allow sufficient time for community members to fully develop their workshop proposals.

We now welcome proposals for pre-events or main workshop sessions which should present the proposed issue in an inclusive manner, incorporating a multi-stakeholder perspective with a balance of stakeholders and gender in the speakers list. The session shall promote an interactive dialogue among the participants.

There will not be further deadline extension. Hence, it is highly encouraged to submit your complete workshop proposal within the extended period.

Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline: 11 Mar 2015 (Wed) [Extended to 7 Apr (Tue)]

Online Submission Form: (http://2015.rigf.asia/workshop-theme-submissions/)

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact the secretariat at sec at aprigf.asia<mailto:sec at aprigf.asia>.

If you are interested to follow any news and updates about APrIGF and discuss relevant issues, you may subscribe to the mailing list discuss at aprigf.asia<mailto:discuss at aprigf.asia> by sending in subscription request.

We also welcome any Internet-related organisation to become a sponsor. Please contact sec at aprigf.asia<mailto:sec at aprigf.asia> for more information.

Best Regards,
Secretariat of APrIGF

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