[governance] Internet - whether to regulate it or not

Barry Shein bzs at world.std.com
Sun Sep 28 14:30:29 EDT 2014

If we just equate funding with funding then, sure, one can make the
argument that with few exceptions people are funded to participate by
some method, often other than their own pocket.

I don't know IGF, never been to a meeting. Been to quite a few ICANN
meetings however. I think it's safe to say many on this list know me,
in some cases quite well and for many years, decades even.

My take is that this is a misleading equation.

By and large ICANN meetings (and processes) are heavily dominated by
people representing organizations (companies) with a vested interest
in the outcome.

Specifically registries, registrars, and people who make their living
from the same such as the various lawyers and consultants.

To my observation I don't see how you avoid this in a so-called
multi-stakeholder model. ICANN certainly hasn't, quite the opposite.

Almost the entire working agenda seems to be dominated by
registry/registrar issues. To the point that even sessions etc which
might on first glance appear to be focused on other issues in fact are
dominated by registry/registrar issues.

For example as an ISP I would drop in on the single ISP session to
find they are primarily (that's a nice way of saying "only") talking
about issues such as website take-downs for trademark/copyright
violations. That does affect them but for example what about the
IPv4/IPv6 transition?  Or network neutrality? Or policy issues
relating to CGN? Security and integrity issues? I don't think I've
ever seen more than a momentary nod to any of those topics. One
meeting in Brussels was completely taken up by how to fill in the new
travel expense forms, or at least I left after 45 minutes of the hour
devoted to that topic since I don't get travel expenses.

Yes there are a few activities which are exceptions and no doubt in a
defensive context they would be marched out much like the tardy
drunken husband showing he did in fact pick up milk & eggs as

I really don't get this "multi-stakeholder" model and don't see how it
can lead to anything but what I describe.

I'm sure this won't make me popular in some circles but at some point
someone has to ask whether they are hallucinating or is the emperor in
fact naked?

        -Barry Shein

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