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Suresh Ramasubramanian suresh at hserus.net
Sun Sep 28 02:57:14 EDT 2014

An utterly disingenuous take on a shallow article

Also who is actually paying the various people in the multistakeholder 

You too are a stakeholder and doubtless the money you spend on airfare to 
various igov events doesn't materialize from thin air

So what is the objection here?

On 28 September 2014 12:05:02 pm parminder <parminder at itforchange.net> wrote:

> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bruce-kushnick/fast-lane-slow-lane--no-l_b_5865996.html
> This article tell you what non regulation of the Internet is about, and
> it still does not even talk about the free run that global Internet
> monopolies seeks.
> No, it is not about "Internet freedom" - that is a clever cover up, but
> many of us are all just too eager to believe.
> (Freedom of expression is important but of course US gov and US
> corporations have no real interest in it.)
> In 1997, the United Nations adopted the Model Law on Electronic Commerce
> that had been developed by the UN Commission on International Trade Law.
> In fact the India's IT Act 2000, which is still the omnibus law in India
> governing electronic transactions, makes reference to this Model Law in
> its preamble.
> Now, why, when the UN can adopt a Model law of e-commerce, can we not
> discuss and possibly adopt a Model Law on IP based telecommunication
> and net neutrality. Can anyone answer this simple and obvious question
> for me? Please, I am serious.
> But no, that will be blasphemy. Those are all attempts by governments to
> take over the Internet, watch out! Why? Because US tell us so. And so
> many of us are happy to take our cues from the US, and its political and
> corporate allies. (Has it anything to do with from where the money flows?).
> We badly need a global discussions on and adoption of a model law on IP
> based telecommunications, and on net neutrality.
> But any such possibility will be resisted tooth and nail, and a lot of
> resources thrown into it. The musical for the next meeting in Busan in
> Korea has already started. (
> http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2014/09/09/the-state-departments-plan-to-spark-a-global-sopa-style-uprising-around-internet-governance/
> ). Wait and see how the "multistakeholder community" that mystical
> organism, dances to one tune, that which emanates from the US. I feel
> pity for all the risks that Snowden took and the sacrifices he made.
>   parminder
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