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Not quite related to igov. However, forwarded for those who work with / 
know those working on ict for the visually challenged

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Date: 26 September 2014 12:26:32 pm
Subject: [india-gii] communicator for a deaf-mute low vision person

At the Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf and Deaf-Blind in Mumbai, there
is a trainer who has been deaf since birth and does not speak, and also has
been progressively losing vision. For my project seeking to bring smart
phones into the lives of the deaf-blind, I could only communicate with him
through sign-language interpretation. The need he immediately identified,
was that he had immense difficulty communicating with most of the people
around him, who did not know sign language. Spelling the word on the palm
letter by letter also doesn't work too well in the local script, which is

I therefore wrote the free Android app dbtype to address his pressing
communication need, indeed also mine, since I am just a beginner in
signing. Even if the app is not useful for you, I would be grateful for
suggestions on how it might be improved. It's simple:

Press the Say button to activate speech to text, which records till you
pause, converts to text and displays in a text box using a large font size.
Press Pick to select from the stored sentences to add to the contents of
the text box, or to clear it. Press Say to convert this text to speech
which can be heard through the speakers of the device.

If the text box only contains the word "settings" (all small, no quotes), a
new screen opens in which you can edit the stored sentences, and change the
font size. Press the Save button to save your changes and return you to the
main screen. The hope is that this can all be done by a low-vision person.

There are no advertisements or data collection in this app.

You can download the app fromhttps

A video is at www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DyfzxVWA2E


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