[governance] NTIA says ICANN "does not meet the requirements" for IANA renewal

Louis Pouzin (well) pouzin at well.com
Sun Mar 11 22:14:32 EDT 2012

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On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 02:24, Karl Auerbach <karl at cavebear.com> wrote:

> ICANN, in fact internet users, have the power to tell NTIA to go take a
> flying leap at a rolling donut.
> There is no reason why ICANN can't simply take IANA - or more directly -
> a root zone file - private.  There is nothing that says "IANA is a child
> owned by the US government".  Nor is there anything that consecrates the
> NTIA/Versign root zone file.
> That would mean that ICANN would publish its own root zone files, which
> would leave the root zone operators with the choice whether to pick up
> the ICANN version or the NTIA/Verisign version.
> Alternatively ICANN could - and it has plenty of cash flow to do this -
> could establish its own constellation of root zone servers.
> That latter approach would then leave it up to users, and their agents,
> i.e. their ISP's, the decision which root operators to honor.
> Most users would not even notice as the change would occur next time their
> machine reboots and gets its magic numbers via DHCP.
> Moreover, any country or body that wants to bypass ICANN or the ITU or
> anybody could follow a similar course.
> I doubt that people will explicitly do this.  However, I believe that it
> could incrementally happen if the net slowly (and largely imperceptibly
> to users) begins to fragment along national and provider lines.
>        --karl--
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