[governance] ITU In “Urgent” Meeting On Global Spectrum As New Devices Gobble It Up

Riaz K Tayob riaz.tayob at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 07:43:37 EST 2012

Optimism of the will (sure some global cooperation may be useful and 
help), pessimism of the intellect (the rentier class will massage their 
revolving door public bureaucrats to get what they want and how they 
want it)... the previous ITU head seemed to me to be a little more open 
to governance issues than seems to be presently... but that is just an 
impression loosely formed

On 2012/01/24 01:35 PM, Salanieta T. Tamanikaiwaimaro wrote:
> This is an awesome article Riaz as it shows the challenges that lie in 
> the future with regards to forecasted bandwidth consumption and the 
> subsequent impact on spectrum. The challenges with connectivity that 
> the I Phone users experienced in New York some time ago reflect the 
> reality of these challenges.
> One of the trends that we see vendors morphing into is the creation of 
> products that consume less spectrum. I was at the Communicasia in 2010 
> and this was one of the discussions that Vendors were having etc. The 
> flood of products and apps will cause a huge strain on the spectrum 
> and affect consumption patterns etc aside from IP address issues etc.
> This in itself has implications on the nature of governance 
> discussions. I am sure the ITU Meeting to discuss this will no doubt 
> be interesting and exciting.
> The strain in itself and future forecasted bandwidth consumption will 
> force an evolution in increasing backbone infrastructure and the 
> entire information infrastructure as we know it.
> Proper planning and forecasting now will help alleviate potential 
> congestion issues.
> Sala

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