[governance] Is This An Issue for Internet Governance/Internet Human Rights?

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Sat Jul 23 16:34:45 EDT 2011

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> You are using the word "governance" here in a very different sense, and
> arguably improperly.  It is still governance to abstain from action for
> the time being, or permanently, and let teh status quo and market forces
> dictate the terms of commerce and communication.  

Sure, markets and other forms of nongovernmental action can be considered "governance." But this is just a way of saying that any form of human organization is "governance." In that case, what matters is which form of governance one prefers, and what are the differences between the different forms. So it's perfectly valid for Kerry to say that he prefers non-governmental governance and it adds nothing to that debate to say that non-governmental governance is still governance. 

It is not helpful to blur the line between non-hierarchical, decentralized, non-coercive forms of governance and hierarchical regulation by national governments. They are quite distinct things with vastly different implications for the internet. 

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