[governance] Re: The Internet (as we know it) can never be "private"

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At least now, we can have a civil discussion.

On Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 8:35 PM, Roland Perry <
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>  The problem arises when we try to raise the issues that developing
>> countries face, we get shot down and accused of wanting a free lunch.
> There's a misunderstanding here. It's the people demanding a "half circuit"
> model who want the free lunch.
>  I work for a Telco in Fiji and know that even with implementing IXPs,
>> there will still be high transit costs as globally we still do not have a
>> level playing field.
> My question would be: why should there be a level playing field? (I'm being
> a devils advocate here).
> There's not a level playing field globally for health-care or air
> transport. Once you have a hospital, or an airline (or Internet
> connectivity) then by all means be very vigilant not to discriminate between
> one user and another.
> In my country I can get a free bus to a free hospital. Will you pay my
> airfare to come and be treated free of charge in one of your hospitals?
> No, I wouldn't expect that. Even if (and this is important) you were a
> developed country.
> There's a danger that the Internet is over-globalised in people's minds.
> Just because we can all send emails to one another on a level playing field,
> doesn't mean every aspect of it can be levelled as easily.
> I get a feeling that you don't think I'm on your side. Nothing could be
> further from the truth. The only reason I've entered this small debate here
> is to try to assist in the understanding of what's a realistic route to
> improving the situation that you and others like you are experiencing.
> --
> Roland Perry


"Stillness in the midst of the noise".
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