[governance] Re: The Internet (as we know it) can never be "private"

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>The problem arises when we try to raise the issues that developing 
>countries face, we get shot down and accused of wanting a free lunch.

There's a misunderstanding here. It's the people demanding a "half 
circuit" model who want the free lunch.

>I work for a Telco in Fiji and know that even with implementing IXPs, 
>there will still be high transit costs as globally we still do not have 
>a level playing field.

My question would be: why should there be a level playing field? (I'm 
being a devils advocate here).

There's not a level playing field globally for health-care or air 
transport. Once you have a hospital, or an airline (or Internet 
connectivity) then by all means be very vigilant not to discriminate 
between one user and another.

In my country I can get a free bus to a free hospital. Will you pay my 
airfare to come and be treated free of charge in one of your hospitals?

No, I wouldn't expect that. Even if (and this is important) you were a 
developed country.

There's a danger that the Internet is over-globalised in people's minds. 
Just because we can all send emails to one another on a level playing 
field, doesn't mean every aspect of it can be levelled as easily.

I get a feeling that you don't think I'm on your side. Nothing could be 
further from the truth. The only reason I've entered this small debate 
here is to try to assist in the understanding of what's a realistic 
route to improving the situation that you and others like you are 
Roland Perry
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