[governance] Internet blackout in Egypt

Norbert Klein nhklein at gmx.net
Fri Jan 28 21:30:29 EST 2011

Thanks, Karl, for a reminder, to remember from time to time what was
waaaaaaaaaaaaay back, and that the immediate future and the longer range
distance many not be the same.

All the more we have to be awake and vigilant.


On 01/29/2011 07:22 AM, Karl Auerbach wrote:
> On 01/28/2011 07:35 AM, Nyangkwe Agien Aaron wrote:
>> But Internet ws created by man not out of any said government policy
>> (I hope Tim Lee will not disagree here)
> TBL did his work 20 to 25 years after the net began moving packets.
> Some might disagree, but I draw a continuous line from the ARPAnet of
> the late 1960s to the internet of today.
> I was there when the ARPAnet started - 1968 or '69 - 4th floor of
> Boalter Hall, UCLA.
> (I was working with the institute of traffic engineering - early car
> crashing and stuff - on an IBM 7094.  The Sigma 7 with IMP #1 was in
> the next room.  The Sigma ran the "Sigma EXecutive" - guess what was
> written on the the spines of all the system manuals? ;-)
> In any event I don't remember who funded that UCLA work, but a couple
> of years later (1972) when I worked on net protocols and network
> security at System Development Corp (SDC) in Santa Monica we were most
> definitely funded by the US Gov't and we most definitely worked on the
> basis of network nodes being vaporized in nuclear fireballs.  (It was
> ironic - we were working in a building constructed several years
> earlier specifically to house a US NORAD SAGE computer, the Q7,
> serious cold war stuff.)
> (When I was at SDC we all read and were greatly and positively
> influenced by the technical papers of Louis Pouzin - who is present on
> this list.  The folks in France seemed to grasp the commercial and
> social potential of networking long before we did in the US.)
> I believe that until around 1980 the majority of network development
> funding came out of the US (and UK) gov'ts, largely the military
> parts.  Even our beloved Unix came via the UC Berkeley release (BSD)
> that was funded by the US Dep't of Energy.)
> The world wide web - which really is merely one application of many
> layered upon the internet - came along in the mid 1990's, a decade
> after the switch of the net from NCP to IP.
>> What is happening in Egypt is sure sign that the Oligarchy there is
>> living its last moments...
> Be careful - the events in France of 1789 led rather quickly to
> Napoleon, the 1917 revolution in Russia soon led to Lenin.  The chaos
> of a falling government opens the door to many influences, not all of
> which are necessarily of a liberal or democratic spirit.
>         --karl--

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