[governance] useful update on freedom of expression and ONI, GNI

David Allen David_Allen_AB63 at post.harvard.edu
Mon Mar 29 15:37:58 EDT 2010

Today's Financial Times gives a current snapshot of free expression on  
the web, with a review including the OpenNet Initiative and the Global  
Network Initiative.

The article is The internet: Closing the frontier.  (For those who  
will not be able to get to the FT online, the pdf is below.)

A couple of quotes:

  -- "More than 40 countries now apply some sort of barrier on the  
web, compared with a handful less than a decade ago ..."

Besides the usual suspects, the article delves into Australia's  
filtering, the UK's planned IPR-protection scheme and Italy's  
conviction-in-absentia of executives.

-- “This is not just about ... – it’s about how the internet is going  
to be regulated globally.”

Exactly three companies have joined GNI - almost 20 others were  
recently castigated for failing so to do.


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