[governance] Strangeness in the IGF programme

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Mar 3 11:41:32 EST 2010

> Gone are the days [snip] Now the MAG is basically reduced to
> concluding phrases generic enough [snip] Even the
> sometimes lively discussions in the igf-members list (an opportunity to
> deepen the issues) are history.

deep sigh....

>One of the promising "collateral effects" of the IGF is the several
>national/regional IGFs (which might continue even if this UN thing
>disappears) -- but in the last MAG the UN made sure that there will be
>little time for regional meetings to report back 

The UN? Who do you mean by that? And why would they not want other IGFs to report?? 

>However, let us recall that in the IGF Sharm-el-Sheik 
>nearly one full day was consumed in local
>government's rituals...

Thank you, Carlos, for your depressing assessment. 

>Grande Milton, you would not stand one day in a regular, closed MAG
>session -- your blood pressure would raise to exploding levels :)

Combustion can be controlled. The world of transport now runs on the internal combustion engine. Perhaps the MAG needs a few explosions to power its activities____________________________________________________________
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