[governance] Data retention, Privacy & Kudos to the German high court

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Wed Mar 3 08:24:30 EST 2010


and other sources ( i read it in the FT), but this is the first reference i found on line when i did a search.

Germany's Federal Constitutional Court [official website, in German] on Tuesday overturned a law requiring telecommunications providers to store information on telephone calls, e-mails, and Internet use for six months for use in possible terrorism investigations, citing privacy issues. The court found [press release, in German] that Section 113 of the Telecommunications Act violates the privacy of German citizens and that the law lacks the controls to ensure the data is secure and properly utilized. The court also ruled that all stored data must be immediately deleted. The law was passed in response to a 2006 European Union (EU) directive  requiring the retention of telephone and e-mail records for use in terrorism investigations. The court, however, stated that the German lawexceeded the requirements [Spiegel report] put forth by the EU. The law has been widely criticized in Germany, with nearly 35,000 Germans filing complaints regarding the law with the court. 
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