[governance] Co-coordinator Election Results

Fearghas McKay fm-lists at st-kilda.org
Mon Dec 21 16:36:02 EST 2009

On 21 Dec 2009, at 17:21, Rui Correia wrote:

> Dear Fearghas
> Firstly, my email was in response to issues/ problems raised by the
> list moderator, who would be in a position to know that these are
> problems. I merely offered suggestions to address these issues.


> Secondly, you are confusing a couple of things. The 'members' I am
> referring to are the members of the list, the subscribers - nothing to
> do with voting members or voting processes.

no I am not

> Anybody can set up redirects - if you are talking about lack of skills
> to do so, I did mention a help guide. As for multiple subscriptions,
> again, this is an issue raised by Ginger, as a factor that makes it
> difficult to ascertain how many members/ subscribers we are.

No not everyone can.

I am a relative newcomer to running mailing lists having been doing it  
since the mid 80's but I am dealing with this issue currently for  
several lists.

> I never said anything about "a list of all the subscribers being
> posted". I said posting TO the list.

err posted to the list is the issue.

> If what you are getting at is the possibility that some members would
> like to remain anonymous, then you have a point. It would be necessary
> to highlight that when doing the confirmation it would b necessary to
> REMOVE the list address, replying only to the administrator.

see above

> As for anonymity, the subscriber options allow subscribers to conceal
> their presence on the list from PUBLIC viewing. However, the admin
> people surely can/ should be able to see ALL the subscribers.
> Therefore, any exercise undertaken by them to sort out issues with the
> list will not compromise anyone's desire to remain anonymous.

until you post to the list.


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