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Rui Correia correia.rui at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 12:21:28 EST 2009

Dear Fearghas

Firstly, my email was in response to issues/ problems raised by the
list moderator, who would be in a position to know that these are
problems. I merely offered suggestions to address these issues.

Secondly, you are confusing a couple of things. The 'members' I am
referring to are the members of the list, the subscribers - nothing to
do with voting members or voting processes.

Anybody can set up redirects - if you are talking about lack of skills
to do so, I did mention a help guide. As for multiple subscriptions,
again, this is an issue raised by Ginger, as a factor that makes it
difficult to ascertain how many members/ subscribers we are.

I never said anything about "a list of all the subscribers being
posted". I said posting TO the list.

If what you are getting at is the possibility that some members would
like to remain anonymous, then you have a point. It would be necessary
to highlight that when doing the confirmation it would b necessary to
REMOVE the list address, replying only to the administrator.

As for anonymity, the subscriber options allow subscribers to conceal
their presence on the list from PUBLIC viewing. However, the admin
people surely can/ should be able to see ALL the subscribers.
Therefore, any exercise undertaken by them to sort out issues with the
list will not compromise anyone's desire to remain anonymous.



2009/12/21 Fearghas McKay <fm-lists at st-kilda.org>:
> On 21 Dec 2009, at 13:31, Rui Correia wrote:
> [snip a lot of mailing list hacking]
>> Hope (some of) this helps.
> I am failing to understand a couple of things:
> We have a formal process for identifying voting members as it stands so why
> should the mailing list duplicate that process? Not everyone on the list may
> wish to be a member or may for various other reasons be unable to formally
> join.
> Not everyone can just set up redirects of email, I fail to see why they
> can't have multiple subscribed addresses on the list.
> I do object to the idea of a list of all the subscribers being posted every
> week for a month.
> Removing the bouncing subscriptions seems about the right level of list
> pruning to me.



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