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Dear Philippe

Thank you for this.  Good to know that ECOSOC 
does consider the CSTD reports.  I am not sure 
if there is really influence.. but at least it makes 
the agenda and some important decisions have 
been confirmed.

As for your departure from CONGO!  It is really 
sad news.. but good to know you will be in the 
sector and remain involved.

I have personally found your facilitation and 
information provision over the last few years 
exceptionally useful. You understand the issues, 
you have a good sense of strategy, and your 
commitment to being inclusive has been 

Thank you very much for all your hard work and 
wishing you all the best for the future.


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> Dear all, 
> This is to inform you about the consideration by ECOSOC of the report
> of the recent 11th session of the Commission on Science and Technology
> for Development and the rubber stamping of the CSTD Resolution and its
> 4 Decisions including those concerning civil society and academic
> institution participation (see my previous posts on 2 and 6 June
> 2008).
> See also ECOSOC Press Release:
> on 18 July
> 2008.
> "Under its item on science and technology for development, the Council
> adopted, without a vote, one draft resolution and four draft decisions
> contained in the report on the eleventh session of the Commission on
> Science and Technology for Development (document E/2008/31). 
> By the resolution, on assessment of the progress made in the
> implementation of, and follow-up to, the outcomes of the two-phase
> World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), held in Geneva
> December 2003, and in Tunis in November 2005, the Council noted that,
> while in general the digital divide between developed and developing
> countries was shrinking, a new divide was emerging in terms of
> differences in quality and speed of access to information and
> communications technology. 
> Among other things, the Council called on stakeholders to increase
> their efforts to reduce the disparity in cost of access, through, for
> example, the establishment of exchange points and the creation of a
> competitive environment, both at the network and local levels. 
> The Council also called on stakeholders to increase efforts for
> funding of and investment in information and communication technology,
> to advance broadband access, including wireless access in areas and
> countries in which it was still limited or nonexistent.  It also
> called on those actors to continue to develop and disseminate
> easy-to-use applications and services for mobile phones and related
> devices, especially those that are useful in rural areas and work with
> low bandwidth and high latency. 
> The four draft decisions were on participation of non-governmental
> organizations and civil society entities in the work of the Commission
> on Science and Technology for Development at its twelfth and
> thirteenth sessions; participation of academic entities in the work of
> that Commission; the report of the Secretary-General on science,
> technology and innovation to be submitted to the Commission at its
> twelfth session; and the report of the Commission on its eleventh
> session and provisional agenda and documentation for the twelfth
> session of the Commission.''
> I also want to take the opportunity of this message to inform you that
> I will shortly leave the CONGO Secretariat to join the Geneva office
> of another international NGO. It's been a great pleasure and a
> wonderful experience to work with you all for those past 3 years -
> already!! - and I'm sure that, as I'll remain involved in UN processes
> connected to human rights, I'll cross many of you on the occasion of
> your participation in some WSIS related meetings in Geneva! Note that
> CONGO will maintain its monitoring of post WSIS processes and support
> to CS participation in them. More news coming soon.
> I'll also join the CS Plenary list shortly through my personal e-mail
> address, so that we will certainly keep in touch!
> Best, 
> Philippe
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> Human Rights Coordinator
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