[governance] IGC Workshop Proposal

Parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Wed Jun 27 11:25:59 EDT 2007

Yehuda and Karen,

We are in a bit of a process problem, which I seek your help to resolve.

I had closed the time for giving in comments, and put an unchangeable text
for consensus. At this stage we do not take inputs but only yes or no.

I know I closed it 3 hours before the 48 hours deadline because I wasn't
sure I will be able to do emailing after (my) office hours today, and we
were running short on time. 

So unless you absolutely insist this is a vitiation of the process and you
absolutely want the process to commence again, I will request you to accept
the present version as final for a 'yes' or 'no'. 

However, on Karen's point on reference to p 73, there is an additional
complication since she claims (rightly) that she had made this point

I read all comments, but I wasn't clear if Bill when he mentioned 

> It'd be possible to build a forward-looking reference to 73's periodic
review into something centered on 72.

he meant to build this reference to 73 in the workshop summary itself, or it
was meant to come automatically in the process that will be initiated with
this workshop. In any case he did not do so in his proposal and I thought it
was meant in a general way, in the context of the process that this workshop
will initiate.

So when Karen agreed with Bill, it did not occur to me that a specific
insistence for including corresponding wording is being made (it may be
intended, and I may have been wrong in my interpretation). 

So, I think we can discuss this matter at the workshop whether we make it an
annual exercise to assess the mandate, role and current working of the IGF
and if this has sufficient support, include it in the workshop report.
However, Karen, if you insist, since this point was made by you during the
comments period - I can take a separate vote on inclusion of this point in
the proposal itself.


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