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William Drake drake at hei.unige.ch
Mon Jun 25 15:07:41 EDT 2007


On 6/25/07 6:10 PM, "Parminder" <parminder at itforchange.net> wrote:

> I suggest we change
> We will solicit speakers if the workshop is approved.
> To
> We are soliciting panelists, and a list will be submitted in the next 2-3
> weeks. 

Yes, sorry for the goof, thanks Avri & P, my bad

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>> From: Jeremy Malcolm [mailto:Jeremy at Malcolm.id.au]

>> Is this an invitation for the private sector, Internet technical
>> community, OECD countries and Secretariat to say "No, X paragraph of the
>> mandate is not important/value-adding/beneficial/uniquely suited, so no
>> action is required under C"?

No, it's a recognition of reality that some already think that (ergo no
discussion of it past or planned) and an effort to entice them into letting
us have and even joining in a conversation in which we walk through the bits
together and share our respective perspectives on each.  Demanding that we
all begin from a posture of quivering fealty to the transcendent wisdom of
text adopted at midnight by PrepCom 3 is no way to entice non-believers, of
which there are plenty, to join us in a reasoned dialogue about the
possibility of conversion.  Better to signal that we're open minded and put
everything on the table than to push people away.
>> Perhaps reword this so that it does not presuppose that there are some
>> paragraphs of the mandate that should no longer be pursued.  How about
>> simply combining points B and C (but remaining close to the agreed
>> wording from our February submission) to read:
>> B. Since these critically important, value-adding functions cannot be
>> performed by any existing Internet governance mechanism, what
>> operationally practical steps could be pursued on a consensual,
>> multistakeholder basis by the IGF community to fulfil these and other
>> elements of its mandate?

Personally, I think this would be a mistake.  How does insisting on a max
conclusion up front incent people who've shown not one iota of interest?



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