Objectives - Re: [governance] Draft proposal for IGC workshop

karen banks karenb at gn.apc.org
Fri Jun 22 08:18:10 EDT 2007


> > I'm quite open to other formulation, if there is a risk that this
> > proposal "might be seen as a bit churlish", as you say. But a
> > reference to TA 72 without a reference to TA 73 is not simply a more
> > "diplomatic" formulation or a wiser "tactical" approach. It's a
> > rather different workshop objective.
>It'd be possible to build a forward-looking reference to 73's periodic
>review into something centered on 72.  One could for example imagine doing a
>ws on the mandate this year and an assessment ws as a natural follow up next
>year, when the IGF is hopefully more on its feet and there's more of a
>record to reflect on.

i like this idea.. a review is nor small thing to undertake, not if 
you're serious about it..

i think the idea of proposing an *approach* to mandate assessment and 
periodic review (that would roll over year by year)  rather than a 
stand alone workshop, makes good sense - could even become part of 
the standing programme

and timing is important.. i think it's too early to do a rigorous 
mandate asessment of such an embyronic process - some initial 
mapping, what has been addressed, what hasn't, ideas for how to 
address mandate concretely (we had ideas, i'm sure others have 
ideas..), eg....how to animate adressing the mandate beyond 72. a, 
brainstorming review processes etc

and role - this is something i'd like to highlight more also.. we 
talk a lot about the IGF mandate, but need to keep in sight the role 
of the IGF in the larger landscape of global governance and policy debate

thanks for the discussion - it's interesting


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