Objectives - Re: [governance] Draft proposal for IGC workshop

William Drake drake at hei.unige.ch
Fri Jun 22 06:42:16 EDT 2007


On 6/22/07 11:53 AM, "Meryem Marzouki" <marzouki at ras.eu.org> wrote:
> Thanks Bill for your comments, I appreciate this direct discussion on
> the objectives of this workshop. Let's discuss these objectives in

Bien sur, thanks for taking them in the spirit in which they were intended.

> I'm quite open to other formulation, if there is a risk that this
> proposal "might be seen as a bit churlish", as you say. But a
> reference to TA 72 without a reference to TA 73 is not simply a more
> "diplomatic" formulation or a wiser "tactical" approach. It's a
> rather different workshop objective.

It'd be possible to build a forward-looking reference to 73's periodic
review into something centered on 72.  One could for example imagine doing a
ws on the mandate this year and an assessment ws as a natural follow up next
year, when the IGF is hopefully more on its feet and there's more of a
record to reflect on.  Anyway, there's no point in a bilateral dialogue on
the merits of our respective approaches, either one of them attracts
sufficient buy in or it's moot.



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