[governance] Draft proposal for IGC workshop

Adam Peake ajp at glocom.ac.jp
Fri Jun 22 02:32:05 EDT 2007

(stuff deleted)

>>Possible panelists
>>-       Nitin Desai (as chair of both the MAG and formerly WGIG)
>>-       Markus Kummer (as Secretary of both the MAG and formerly WGIG)
>Hmm.  I am worried that they might be inclined to upstage the other 
>panelists, and since they are both pushing much the same barrow, I 
>would suggest that perhaps only one or the other (perhaps Markus in 
>preference) be invited to speak.

Other panelists and audience might not wish to contradict these two 
in the meeting (Rio) they are organizing (kind of tough to have them 
on the panel.)

>>-       IGO: as hard as gov. Either none, or ITU as WSIS organizer 
>>(but far from satisfactory:)), or ??
>We seem to be stacking the panel with IGF cynics.  How about either 
>the Council of Europe or the OECD, both of which have made more 
>positive contributions?

The "Internet Community" seems missing.  Suggest Raul Echeberria 
(given Raul's role in the negotiations in Tunis shortly before the 

Government, how about inviting Janis Karklins. President of WSIS 
prepcoms, Chair of ICANN GAC and member of IGF advisory group.

Or Everton Frask Lucero, leading the Brazilian hosts in IGF discussions.

Or Russia.

IGO.  Stick with the first choice. ITU are leading some many other 
action lines, see what they have to say.

Very male list.


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