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Parminder parminder at itforchange.net
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It is to once gains seek comments on whether IGC will like to do workshops
as a main sponsor, and/or partnerships. There are two proposals on the
table, and members may give comments on them together/ separately. 

Most support till now has come for a workshop on the role and mandate of
IGF. The text for this theme form the May submission to IGF is put below.
Bill has expressed willingness to work on it, if people pour in their
comments/ suggestions.  

(Begins) The Tunis Agenda mandated that the IGF should, inter alia,
facilitate discourse between bodies dealing with different cross-cutting
international public policies and issues that do not fall within the scope
of any existing body; interface with appropriate inter-governmental
organizations and other institutions on matters under their purview;
identify emerging issues, bring them to the attention of the relevant bodies
and the general public, and, where appropriate, make recommendations; and
promote and assess, on an ongoing basis, the embodiment of WSIS principles
in Internet governance processes. Since these critically important,
value-adding functions cannot be performed by any existing Internet
governance mechanism, nor by annual conferences built around plenary
presentations from invited speakers, the purpose of this main session would
be to foster an open and inclusive dialogue on how the IGF could fulfill
these and other elements of its mandate. (ends)

Another workshop for which there has been support from IGP is on the issue
"Global Internet Public Policy - Issues and Institutions". Its text as our
earlier statement was

(begins) A call to "discuss public policy issues related to key elements of
Internet governance" is the first point in the IGF mandate in the Tunis
agenda. The Agenda deals at length with the question of new global public
policy issues regarding IG, the possibility of new frameworks and
structures, and the role of existing ones (e.g, paragraphs 61, 69). We
therefore believe that an IGF main session should explore the following

a) What is "public policy" on the Internet and when do we need to use global
institutions to establish it? The Tunis Agenda distinguishes between
"technical" and "public policy" issues, and between public policy and the
"day-to-day technical and operational matters." What makes an Internet
governance issue a "public policy" issue, and what happens when policy
concerns are closely linked to technical administration?

b) What was intended by the Tunis Agenda's call for the "development of
globally-applicable principles on public policy issues associated with the
coordination and management of critical Internet resources" and how can this
goal be pursued? (ends)

Milton, will you like to coordinate this one?


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