looking for workshop partners (Re: [governance] IGF workshops - more time is needed)

Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu
Sun Jun 17 08:18:53 EDT 2007

Adam Peake ha scritto:
> One thing the advisory group members could do is look for potential 
> partners among other advisory group members, or ask other members for 
> help finding partners in their networks.
> Imagine other stakeholders will be in the same position.
> People may not want draft ideas made public, but perhaps the 
> coordinators could put the message that they will coordinate with 
> advisory group members on finding partners for workshop proposal and 
> developing workshop ideas?  Kind of clearinghouse.

This would be a good idea, and I don't see anything particularly secret 
in tentative proposals for workshops.

I must confess that this is not just a very tight timeline, but also an 
extremely bad 2-week set for some of us to organize workshops - one of 
the two weeks will be spent at the ICANN meeting, and the other one 
doing all the work that you need to do to be able to spare that week for 
ICANN. (I'm sure that this affects you as well, for the ICANN Nomcom.) 
But in any case people who need partners should be free to contact the 
coordinators and the AG members and ask for help.
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