[governance] IGF workshops - more time is needed

Parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Sat Jun 16 02:03:14 EDT 2007

Adam (and other CS members of the MAG)

I think that the time given for submitting proposals is too little,
especially when one has to get partners from different stakeholder groups,
which would mean first seeking partners, then collaborating on proposal text
and so on. I think there is no need to have people rush it, by giving around
3 weeks to bring full proposals to the table. Even if this serves to keep
the number of workshops manageable - though I am not alleging that is the
motive here.

This works against new groups, and new partnerships, organizing workshops.
Most CS groups are just about learning about the workshop call and even in
this age of digital communications - these calls take time in moving away
from the centre towards relative peripheries. I just now saw the call for
IGF workshops put out in the WSIS Disability Causus, inviting ideas.  What
we will have, in such short time, is the usual suspects in usual
combinations, and that's really against the main principles and ideals of
IGF. The idea is to get different kinds of people in, and different kinds
talking to each other (as Nitin keeps saying). This central objective is
defeated by giving such a short notice for completing workshop proposals.
This also works against less- resourced and less- connected people and

I think we should move the deadline at least to July 15th. I see no great
reason for sticking to this timeline. I request CS MAG members to
communicate this request to the MAG and the secretariat. Others may also
give their views on this, and if others agree, it can be communicated on
behalf of 'some CS members'. 

This appeal comes directly from the problems being faced with some CS groups
in which I am involved, in terms of the required time, in reaching out to
new partners for some activities that we want to organize. And when I
thought of it I could see that most/many CS groups must be facing this

Now, if the number of workshops goes beyond what can be handled
logistically, we will need to come out with some solutions for that. But for
the present lets open up the process more, in terms of the time available to
respond with full proposals for organizing these workshops. This will both
improve participation, and the diversity of partnerships of the workshops. 


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