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Jeremy Malcolm Jeremy at Malcolm.id.au
Wed Jun 13 21:31:54 EDT 2007

David Goldstein wrote:
> You’re comment regarding an intent to
> blackmail by Chris Disspain is totally inappropriate. Yes, I am a board member
> of auDA. But this in no way makes a difference to my response to the spurious allegations made
> about Chris on this list, and about which Jeremy Malcolm has already posted a
> response from Chris refuting these comments.

I didn't post it to accede to the views that it expressed; in fact I 
took strong issue with it in a private reply to Chris, and a member of 
this list also replied to me directly with the view that the reply 
reflected as badly on Chris as his original message to Markus had.

Chris's attitude is that he took the actions he did in a noble endeavour 
to save the IGF from "what we perceived as an attempt by some 
governments to hi-jack the IGF process" through such nefarious means as 
raising the idea of a multi-stakeholder bureau for the IGF or the need 
for it to seek to produce some concluding recommendations.

The problem is that whereas those dreadful governments and their civil 
society collaborators having been raising these issues openly and 
transparently in multi-stakeholder consultations, the knights in white 
armour from the private sector have seen this as a "breakdown of the 
multi-stakeholder process" and sought to circumvent it using financial 

For those who have dealt with Chris Disspain before they will know he is 
no shrinking violet and that he gives as good as he gets (often better). 
  So although to talk of blackmail is a little hyperbolic, Carlos is not 
the bad guy here.  Chris made his own bed, and now he has to lie in it.

Jeremy Malcolm LLB (Hons) B Com
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