[governance] Muti-stakeholder Group structure (some ideas)

Jeanette Hofmann jeanette at wzb.eu
Sat Jun 9 11:08:38 EDT 2007

Actually I wasn't blaming Guru. I was responding to Parminder who, if I 
understood him correctly, said that I he found it justified to break the 
Chatham house rule.

Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> Jeanette Hofmann wrote:
>>> ). And as IGC co-coordinator even informal rules of closed interactions
>>> seemed more important than they need to against imperatives of public
>>> interest disclosures, which in the present case I think are 
>>> overwhelming...
>> I am not sure I correctly interpret what you said in that sentence 
>> above. If you meant to say that in this case public disclosure is more 
>> important than respecting the chatham house rule, then I would like to 
>> object.
> If the Advisory Group has adopted the Chatham House rule, this can 
> hardly apply to Guru who is not a member of the Advisory Group.  Take 
> whomever leaked the emails in the first place to task, if anyone.
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