[governance] Proposal: 10 stakeholder categories

Norbert Bollow nb at bollow.ch
Fri Jun 1 11:21:15 EDT 2007

How about extending the number of recognized stakeholder categories
to ten?

I'd suggest something like the following:

1) Governments of industrialized nations
2) Governments of developing countries
3) Inter-governmental organizations

4) Civil society organizations focused on technical concerns
5) Civil society organizations focused on fundamental rights
6) Civil society organizations focused on development concerns

7) ISPs
8) Software vendors and IT consulting businesses
9) Other businesses

10) People who choose to participate in internet governance
   discussions as individuals, without representing the interests
   of any organization or recognizing any organization as representing
   their interests.

With this set-up, the understanding of "multistakeholder" as giving
equal weight to each of the three main categories "government",
"civil society" and "business" is preserved, while recognizing the
fundamental differences with regard to internet governance which exist
within each of these broad categories.

Of course, some organizations fall into more than one category.  For
example, the Swiss Internet User Group works on technical concerns
and also in the area of fundamental rights.  Therefore, if I was a
candidate for the MAG or whatever, I would indicate that I'd represent
stakeholder category 4 with weight 0.5 and stakeholder category 5 with
weight 0.5

The goal of this proposed refinement of the system of stakeholder
categories is to make it easier to select a MAG and other
multistakeholder groups with truly balanced diversity.


Norbert Bollow <nb at bollow.ch>                    http://Norbert.ch
President of the Swiss Internet User Group SIUG  http://SIUG.ch
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