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Hi Kicki and All:

Reinforcing your posts and precepts,

Like *most* *systems* - "Information or Knowledge or Data" systems are
systems of systems.  Access to parts of the whole set only -  often defeats
"access" in general.  Of course we do not always have to get into the back
rooms, the tech details, the mechanical underpinnings.  But we must be able
to access the front door, to get into any system. The front-door, that is,
is part of the system and a pre-condition to proceeding further..

It flows that Indeed screen-readers must be free, or optimally inexpensive,
or built in universally. Or otherwise not problematic.

But further and as wisely observed by many, fully meaningful "access" to the
society and its varied, multitudinous bestowings will take far more than
that. An 'Attiduindal Climate Change' perhaps, sprung by the Convention on
the Rights of Disabilities on which we all have been working through the U.N.
But equally with a global *sea-change* that knows Us as one People. The
interconnecting value of "We."

Very best wishes, collegially, and *Respectfully Interfacing,*

Dr. Linda D. Misek-Falkoff
For I. D. here presently:
- International Disability Caucus ICT Taskforce,
- Communications Coordination Committee For The U.N.
- 50 years in Computing and Related Fields, Available for Presentation.
- Other Affiliations on Request.

On 7/31/07, Kicki Nordström <kicki.nordstrom at> wrote:
> >Dear  Kwasi,,
> That is right, but the only real problem does not lay with blindness, it
> lays with the design of the society! It is the society that makes us
> disabled, primarily, as we can in most cases learn how to operate a computer
> with existing software. But as the design is not   adopted to the situation
> for all users, we get disabled because we can not access what others can who
> have full sight.
> Thanks for your interest and understanding.
> Yours
> Kicki
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> Ämne: Re: SV: SV: [governance] IS THE DIGITAL DIVIDE A PHANTOM?
> Your right Kiki/Kwasi,
> Both of you have a common dilemma.
> * Blind is Blind *
> If you can't 'see' Internet information, whether its due to; physical
> capacity, environmental capacity, economic capacity or even mental capacity.
> The later, applies to the masses, that can't 'see' nor understand issues.
> Epistemologically that is: How they 'see' it, isn't the way it is.
> -
> Re:
> >Dear  Kwasi,
> >Yes, and why could we not learn from earlier mistakes and why must we
> >always
> reinvent the wheel?
> >Let us bring in to Governments in developing countries, what we know by
> experience from industrial countries, and also bring in our knowledge of
> what could be done then developing countries are building up its ICT
> infrastructure.
> >Warm regards
> >Kicki
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