[governance] Closure of ICTRC Office in Tehran - Letter for support open for signature

CONGO WSIS - Philippe Dam wsis at ngocongo.org
Wed Jul 11 13:52:49 EDT 2007

Dear all, 


A couple of months ago, I forwarded an e-mail received from our WSIS
colleague Mr. Sohrab Razzaghi, announcing that the office of the NGO he is
the Executive Director of was closed and sealed by the Revolutionary Court
without any legal justification or accusations. Apparently the situation has
not evolved and that the staff was prevented to work. 


This is of particular concern for all of us because the focal points for
West Asia and the Middle East within the Civil Society Bureau during the
WSIS preparatory phase were member of the ICTRC. 


A group of NGOs have drafted a support letter regretting the closure of the
ICTRC office and asking for clarification to the Iranian Authorities. 

You are invited to consider signing this support letter. I particularly
encourage all formerly CSB members to look into it, in support for our
partners during the WSIS process.


I'll be happy to forward your signatures to the coordinators of this

All the best, 



Philippe Dam
CONGO - WSIS CS Secretariat 
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The Conference of NGOs (CONGO) is an international, membership association
that facilitates the participation of NGOs in United Nations debates and
decisions. Founded in 1948, CONGO's major objective is to ensure the
presence of NGOs in exchanges among the world's governments and United
Nations agencies on issues of global concern.  For more information see our
website at www.ngocongo.org <blocked::http://www.ngocongo.org/> 


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