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We are actually planning to have discussions on that with CSTD and GAID
Secretariat people in the up coming hours, as well as presenting an oral
statement to the ECOSOC next week.

In my view a letter to the Secretariats might not be appropriate at this
stage. We need to further see whether the quotation from the SG report is
only an inaccuracy (which I think it is).


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hi philippe

thanks so much for this..

what do you recommend in terms of responding? I 
support parminder and jean-louis in needing to 
respond to - in particular - the question of CS 
participation in the CSTD (certainly in relation 
to WSIS followup) - i haven't had time to read or 
reflect on the other issues (enhanced cooperation, action lines etc)

do you have the time to facilitate a response 
from those of us able to put the time in?


At 19:04 06/07/2007, CONGO WSIS - Philippe Dam wrote:
>Dear all,
>As some of you might know, the UN ECOSOC opened 
>its annual substantive session earlier this week.
>Issues related to the follow up and 
>implementation of WSIS will be discussed and 
>addressed by ECOSOC later this month (according 
>to the provisional timetable of the ECOSOC 
>session, WSIS follow up might be tabled on 23rd and on 25th July).
>In general, the documents addressing WSIS follow 
>up to be considered by ECOSOC will be:
>-          The SG report on “integrated and 
>coordinated implementation of the outcomes of 
>and follow up to major UN conferences and 
>summit” (E/2007/76, here attached, to be 
>discussed on 23 July; it contains a series of 
>paragraphs in relation to WSIS); See below for 
>some extracts on the various post WSIS processes.
>-          The final report of the 10th session 
>of the Commission on Science and Technology for 
>Development (21-25 May 2007), including the two 
>WSIS related decisions of the CSTD (on the flow 
>of information for WSIS follow up, and on 
>multi-year programme of work): see E/2007/31, 
>hereby attached as well, to be discussed on 25 July.
>As far as we understood from diplomats here in 
>Geneva, there might not be any additional 
>negotiation in Geneva. It is expected that the 
>CSDT decision will be confirmed by ECOSOC. We 
>will anyway monitor the on going process and 
>keep you posted – and hopefully engaged.
>CONGO would be willing to address the ECOSOC on 
>these various issues, under the two segments 
>that might be available in this regard. We will 
>of course need your remarks, suggestions and feedback.
>General note
>The SG report recognises that “implementation 
>and follow-up require a broad engagement of 
>non-governmental stakeholders and partners” (§ 12 of E/2007/76).
>Commission on Science and Technology for Development
>The SG report seems quite restrictive in 
>defining the involvement of CS actors in the 
>CSTD processes. Contrary to the Tunis Agenda 
>which requested to take into account the 
>multi-stakeholder approach, the SG Report 
>defines quite poorly the CSTD as an 
>intergovernmental process “with contributions 
>from non-governmental stakeholders channelled 
>through the multi-stakeholder Global Alliance 
>for Information and Communication Technologies 
>and Development” (§14 of E/2007/76). CONGO 
>considers that this quotation is not reflecting 
>paragraph 105 of the Tunis Agenda for the IS and 
>ECOSOC Resolution 2006/46: we understand GAID is 
>a multi-stakeholder component in CSTD and 
>ECOSOC, but certainly not the only one, and that 
>NGO contributions should not be channelled / 
>screened before reaching the CSTD / ECOSOC: 
>CONGO is therefore willing to correct that in the ECOSOC Plenary.
>UNGIS and Action Line Facilitators process
>The SG Report only provides a factual 
>description of the creation of the UN Group for 
>the Information Society (“Coordination among the 
>United Nations system entities is undertaken by 
>the United Nations Group on the Information 
>Society, created by the Secretary-General in 
>accordance with the request of the Summit”, § 14 
>of E/2007/76) and of the May 2007 cluster of 
>WSIS action line facilitation meetings.
>Internet Governance Forum and enhanced cooperation
>The SG Report states that WSIS “requested the 
>Secretary-General to convene the Internet 
>Governance Forum, a new forum for 
>multi-stakeholder policy dialogue, to discuss, 
>inter alia, public policy issues related to 
>Internet governance in order to foster the 
>sustainability, robustness, security, stability 
>and development of the Internet. The inaugural 
>meeting, entitled “Internet governance for 
>development”, was held in Athens from 30 October 
>to 2 November 2006, and the second meeting is 
>scheduled to be held in Rio de Janeiro from 12 
>to 15 November 2007. Consultations are under way 
>to start a process towards enhanced cooperation 
>among all relevant stakeholders with regard to 
>Internet governance, as requested by the Summit” (§ 14 of E/2007/76).
>Global Alliance for ICT and Development
>The SG Report includes an annexed two-page 
>description of GAID and a synopsis of its 
>activities. See pages 21-22 of E/2007/76.
>Please send us your comments and suggestions in 
>this regard. We will come back to you early next week with more details.
>All the best,
>Philippe Dam
>CONGO - Information Society &
>Human Rights Coordinator
>11, Avenue de la Paix
>CH-1202 Geneva
>Tel: +41 22 301 1000
>Fax: +41 22 301 2000
>E-mail: <mailto:wphilippe.dam at ngocongo.org>philippe.dam at ngocongo.org
>Website: <blocked::http://www.ngocongo.org>www.ngocongo.org
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>international, membership association that 
>facilitates the participation of NGOs in United 
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