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* *

*Application to Appeals Team *

*representing Older WomEn in the field *

*(here, continuosly since 1950's )*.

*I.  Foreground Application and re prior and present contexts. *

I have the honor and pleasure to apply for the IGF Appeals Team or other
functions in IGF as an older woman who has been a systems builder,
professor, programmer and author, as well as user of computers for 50 years.
In multi-disciplinary venues, emphasis has been on integrating /
interconnecting / interfacing  and when possible 'balancing' the interests
of diverse stakeholders, or actors, in varied fora, which in addition to
directly ICT activities has included the taking of formal appeals in legal
and court contexts concerning cyber-interactions. This activity consistently
involves acknowledging different sorts of interests of different sorts of
(here) *netizens* and indeed cultures, groups, and individuals broadly,
striving for clear conversations and a shared sense of fairness.

 My work at the United Nations is now gathered under the *Respectful
Interfaces* Programme of the Communications Coordination Committee for the
United Nations (CCC/UN), of which I am an Officer and serve on the Board,
while representing other organizations and causes as well at the U.N.

I hope that having on the team a person present throughout the very
interesting eras of computers coming into society over a half century will
merge well with the varied types of expertise so valued in the IGF and civil
society at large. I am very much interested in issues which arise when even
though high interest, industry, and application of effort has culminated in
decision making, there still may be issue-spotting opportunities through
opportunities of "appeal," so that all voices are heard and where feasible
decisions can be revisited and retuned both for justice and
pragmatic progress.

I hope that in addition to computing, education, and arts in background and
foreground, my legal work in the appeal area from lower to highest courts
especially regarding rights and duties in cyberspace will bring some
different perspectives as well; I am still active in these fields on policy
and practice bases. I have keen interest in human rights issues and
e-activity including intersections of 'freedom of expression' with other
actor concerns for example in contexts of   'online defamation' and other
individual-and-group-impacting C*ybeTorts* inclusively.

I participated on-site as well as online in WSIS (Geneva and Tunis) and IF-I
Athens, where I both formally and informally presented on and discussed
multi-stakeholder dialogue from the perspective of * The Respectful
Interfaces Programme*   at the U.N.  As a side-note, my own difficulties
navigating some of these physical territories for a person with mobility
disabilities might even have a bearing on issues of inclusiveness and
foresight so far as Rio and other future venues are concerned and such
issues could rise to matters of appeal and review in the IGF.

*II. Extended (More Detailed) Background for NOMCOM Committee.*

In the 1950's computers were coming and as a society we had to adjust from
multi-stakeholder perspectives. How would computers affect the Sciences and
the Arts, and their interactions?

 In the 1960's, I completed joint doctorates in computing and humanities,
published and participated within ARPANet contours, and innovated / invented
methods of literary and linguistic studies, bridging at that time very
diverse communities with varying goals and modes of access and anticipating
text and document management in future legal, medical, and other fields of
"IT" purpose driven applications. I also served as Research Associate in
fields of Electronic Medical Record Management, forerunner of present
systems so burgeoning today and presenting copious ethical issues as well as
technical ones. *My Context Concordance to Paradise Lost* on 'inter-actor'
Social Network basis was consulted in the setting up of now well known Bible

In the 1970's, I first taught computing in education, medicine, law,
psychology, literature, and other fields at the college and university
level. In industry I had and completed the assignment to design, code,
implement, document, and maintain the first "markup tags" for GML,
forerunner of HTML for web design; we also had versions of xml like systems;
our purpose was to provide meanings-based as contrasted to local
formatting-based tools for publication.

In this period, I began to participate in legal fora involving computers and
social impact, taking early internet related cases to the U.S. Supreme Court
including in the new areas of *Cybertorts* (coinage) and varied issues
on '*rights
and duties'* in electronic domains, performing the legal and social
research, writing and submitting collaboratively with others, and serving in
community support groups for people going through courts – a multi-actor
venue of renown. During the period my pain disabilities brought me into
multiple communities of support online as well as in-person collaboration.

In the 1990's, I was engaged in human rights areas of computer applications
still as analyst, programmer, and educator   And as the research assistant
while in law school, for Blaine Sloan's 1991 seminal text *United Nations
General Assembly Resolutions in Our Changing World* (Transnational Press) I
worked through the legal department at U.N. Headquarters and now have
returned there in civil society mode.* *

In this new century I have served on the Steering Committee of the
Disability Caucus for the Convention on Rights of Persons With Disabilities
*(representing the "Coordination of Singular Organizations on Disability"
(CSPD)  – as well as founding Persons with Pain Intl. (PWPI)), participated
in WSIS (Geneva, Tunis) and IFG (Athens). I am documenting   a half century
in computing presently, the adventures, the waves of social and cultural
advances and multiple issues of universal access and participation, and
inviting others to submit mini chapters on their own experiences. I serve as
Officer and Board Member of The Communications Coordination for the U.N.,
represent the U.S. Burn Support Organization, am appointed Communications
Coordinator of the World Democracy Movement, and serve on Education,
Disability, Rights, and Planning Committees at the U.N. in New York as well
as continuing to liaise with other NGOs affiliated with the U.N. and
elsewhere.  I maintain a keen interest in human rights issues and ICT, and
applications of traditional legal concepts and remedies to the realms of
cyberspace, and at large, emphasizing inclusion and rich network principles
and hands-on practice.

*III. Selected Multi-Disciplinary Documentary-Addenda (with currently active
URLS) **:*

*A.     *(historical review pro tem, email):  linda
@2007ismy50thyearincomputingandIamawoman.COM = contact email address re
project being developed to encourage other women and people in general to
interconnect, share their stories. Part of account only is re ldmf; other
Parts are re, Others). Respectful_interfaces at gmail.com ,
ldmisekfalkoff at gmail.com , and secretary at cccu.org are other e-addys.

* *

*B. Some referencing website URLS presently:*

Early Professorial Mentoring:

" *From Poetry to Politics: Vassar Freshmen Concord Watergate* ."

Software Engineering and Systems Design:

    " *The new field of "Software Linguistics": An early-bird view (itself
has cites to other publications, ARPANet forward) **."*

Chairing of Conferences, etc.:

http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=800508 *"A unification of Halstead's
Software Science counting rules for programs and English text, and a claim
space approach to extensions Joint International Conference on Measurement
and Modeling of Computer Systems". *

* *

  *(LDMF Co-Chair). SCORE82: Software Metrics Intl. Conference. *

Electronic Publication Field, Discourse and Text Analysis and Synthesis:

http://comppile.tamucc.edu/RWPN/rwpn5.5pp14-27.pdf    "*Computing Text
Mark-Up and Speech Acts. Architecture of Publication tagging, early forecast
of xml like user entry point systems" *.

* CONCORDIAD" verse documenting state of art of literary data processing,
social perspectives, state(s) of the art(s).*

http://www.springerlink.com/content/16x0m4j72l043kg8/   *LDM, Context
Concordance to **Paradise** Lost **(social network, multi-actor network
analysis). *

Computing and Law / Society / Values:


Artificial Intelligence, cited in content and for programming of publication
markup systems:

http://suo.ieee.org/suo-kif/msg00029.html *John Sowa's Conceptual
Structures, Addison Wesley, Scientific Series* .

Decisional Research done at United Nations with Legal Department in
Conjunction with Law School and seminal text of esteemed Professor Blaine
Sloan, 35 years at the U.N.:

http://www.transnationalpubs.com/showbook.cfm?bookid=10148 *United Nations
General Assembly Resolutions in Our Changing World, Transnational Press **(ldmf
among acknowledgments; follow ups in progress)*.

Participation in Human Rights Treaty Meetings and Formulations in person and

http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/enable/rights/ahc7sideevents.htm *Onsite and
elsewhere  in whole sequence of AdHoc and related Meetings, Convention on
the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; non-formal graphic archivalist,
member Steering Committee of The International Disability Caucus,
participant in various aspects of ACCESS issues *.


*Poster, **Madrid** , **Spain **Resolution - International Disability Caucus

*Respectful Interfaces* Programme of The Communications Coordination
Committee For the United Nations (NGO):

*Google 'moving target' - examples.*

Rights-based and societal values based topics:

re Cyber-Torts.*

General computer law reference illustration:

http://mishpat.net/cyberlaw/archive/cyberlaw57.shtml *Professional

RECOMMENDATIONS etc. re Internet Governance Bodies:

*ICT Panel /   Board **Candidacy illustration* .

DATA BASE AND QUERY SYSTEMS, including "relational":

**"Data Base and Query Systems: New and Simple Ways to Gain Multiple Views
of the Patterns in Text. *"

WSIS-II / SMSI (Thus) Paper and In Person Presentation re importance of
multi-stakeholder participation in all phases of ICT and broadly:


*"The Joyous Imperatives of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Both as a Theme and a Tool or
Technology for Full Multi-Stakeholder Inclusion in Information and
Communication Networks Both Now and in the Future. Highlighting the Key
Roles of Persons with Disabilities in Collaborative Contexts World-Wide." *

Present Planning and Organizational Functions:

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