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>Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 10:48:27 +0000
>From: Abi Jagun <abi at apc.org>
>Subject: Workshop on The Contribution of Mobile Devices to Development
>Dear All:
>Apologies for cross-posting. Please circulate widely.
>Workshop on Mobiles and Development: The Contribution of Mobile Devices
>to Development
>Wednesday 16 May 2007
>Organised by the:
>Development Informatics Group,
>Institute for Development Policy and Management,
>University of Manchester
>According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), there are
>now more mobile subscribers than fixed line subscribers, and mobile
>teledensity rates continue to outstrip fixed teledensity in every region
>of the world. ITU statistics show that global mobile subscribers
>increased from approximately 740 million subscribers in 2000 to over 1.8
>billion subscribers, or 28 per cent of the world┬╣s population, by the
>end of 2004. This translates into approximately one in three people
>around the world have a mobile phone. Furthermore, with one million new
>subscribers every day, it is estimated that almost four billion people
>will have a mobile phone by the end of 2010.
>Rising figures of the uptake of mobile phones are indicative of the huge
>potential mobile devices have in reaching significant portions of
>erstwhile excluded populations. Could such devices also be used to
>deliver development initiatives to these sets of people? This workshop
>will bring together field evidence on the use of mobile devices in
>delivering development objectives in a range of developing and
>transitional countries. It will explore the application of mobile
>devices to health, education, economic and social empowerment, human
>rights, commerce etc.
>Interested presenters should in the first instance submit an abstract of
>no more than 300 words to (electronic submissions)
>abi.jagun at manchester.ac.uk. Please include "Mobiles and Development
>Workshop" in the Subject field of your email. Paper submissions should
>be sent to Abi Jagun, IDPM, School of Environment and Development,
>Precinct Centre, University of Manchester, Manchester, M13 9QH, UK.
>Abstracts should be received no later than Friday 30 March 2007.
>Participants wishing to attend should complete and return the
>registration form (MS Word) to the address above no later than Monday 30
>April 2007. Attendance is free of charge and some support for UK travel
>costs may be available to presenters who are members of the Development
>Studies Association: please contact Richard Heeks
>(richard.heeks at manchester.ac.uk) in advance of the workshop.
>For Registration Form please visit

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