[governance] Action on Enhanced Cooperation, please

Jeanette Hofmann jeanette at wz-berlin.de
Mon Jan 15 10:12:36 EST 2007


> ...but? I agree they'd be shorter though. I didn't like the idea of a 
> journalist being the one to decide who gets to speak and who doesn't, 
> based on, well, how spectacular that intervention would look to him.

I like the idea to have sessions moderated by journalists who have no 
personal stake in the topic of the session and who are trained to ask 
tough questions. The downside of this format seem to be the cultural 
bias of the "hardtalk" approach and perhaps the dependence on the skills 
of the journalists. This kind of grilling isn't common in many political 
cultures, is it?

>  > Internet resources
>> ("ICANN") should be discussed. 
> On this specific point, we should be aware that there is going to be a 
> hard contraposition (perhaps the hardest around) between those countries 
> who really want ICANN discussed in Rio, and those countries that really 
> do not want ICANN discussed in Rio, and want to discuss it in the 
> "enhanced cooperation" process instead.
> I'm not sure that we'd want to marry either side too strongly; I'd 
> personally be happy by restating that civil society wants to be involved 
> in this wherever it happens, as we are now about to tell Nitin in writing.

I don't think that Internet resources/ICANN should be discussed only in 
the "enhanced cooperation" process. First, no IG related topic should be 
excluded from the forum. The credibility of the forum depends on its 
openness and its neutrality.
Second, the status of civil  society is much more contested in the 
enhanced cooperation process than regarding the forum. We have good 
reasons to defend in our own right Internet resources as a topic in the 
forum. It doesn't mean we have to marry anyone.

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