[governance] Re: Enhanced cooperation

Adam Peake ajp at glocom.ac.jp
Mon Jan 8 10:54:28 EST 2007

At 4:38 PM +0100 1/8/07, Vittorio Bertola wrote:
>Adam Peake ha scritto:
>>I thought people wanted to know what was happening with enhanced 
>>cooperation and someone would draft a letter to Nitin Desai asking 
>>for an update (so we'd know how to approach the question in the 
>We should actually send that letter, it's an important point - 
>however, AFAIK, it seems that many governments are now interpreting 
>"enhanced cooperation" as "a slightly reformed GAC inside ICANN".

I agree, they do see it that way.  But Nitin was asked by the 
Secretary General to look into how to convene the process, so I would 
still hope he can respond.

(I am actually only following up on a general comments from a few 
members last year -- my preference is still for "enhanced 
cooperation" to be kept out of the IGF.  But if its something the 
caucus would like us to push in the MAG then I think we need this 
kind of information.)

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