[governance] workshops and main sessions

Adam Peake ajp at glocom.ac.jp
Sat Aug 18 04:18:59 EDT 2007


There's not much to update about the workshops.  But the caucus 
proposals seem to be in the selected list, so that's good. How are 
these being arranged? How's progress?

Been no announcement about membership of the advisory group and the 
old members have not been as involved in meeting arrangements as much 
as last year.  At least not yet.

Next main issue may be about the sub-thematic workshops, each of the 
main sessions should have three linked workshops.  Shouldn't be a 
problem deciding about Access as there are only three workshops in 
the list (and they seem complementary in many ways -- looks like a 
strong session likely to emerge.)  But any thoughts on what the three 
thematic workshops should be for diversity, openness and security? 
Doesn't seem to be time on the agenda for thematic workshops on 
critical Internet resources 

Which workshops would best feed into the main session, make the most 
logical fit in making mini-tracks on diversity, openness and security?

There has been no discussion about if or how the organizers of these 
workshops will have a role in also organizing the main session, if 
those organizers might select speakers (or help select speakers.) 
Not been discussed yet.  Deciding speakers will be difficult as time 
is again very short, we need to consider issues of diversity, 
balancing stakeholder representation (or everyone's satisfaction with 
the selected speakers), and finding people who know about the issues. 
Plus, the actual style of these 2 hours sessions has not been 
discussed in much detail.  And the number of speakers will be less, 4 
5 or 6 people (the reason the panels grew so large last year were 
these very problems of finding a diverse set of knowledgeable 



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