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Nnenna nne75 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 7 11:02:32 EDT 2007

  I am reading these postings and I am asking me;
  Why should an African media person bother about ccTLDs?
  Why should an an SME in an African country take on a NIC when it might actually scare customers?
  Does anybody on this list know any reason why an ordinary African person in Africa searching for information will use his country's ccTLD?
  IMHO, you need to be somewhere to get on-the-ground experience.  I do appreciate the efforts that ICANN has been making over the years to sort of "democratize" the debate.  But there other existential issues that come first to African even before Technology, before the Internet, before domain names...
  I have come to learn by experience that tech is best when it serves to solve  individuals' problems.  
  Kwasi, your concerns are real.  But I can promise that when you get back to Ghana, your understanding will expand.
  How many of you know the Highway Africa News Agency?  It is an organization of African Media whose main thrust is ICT.  Every year, around Septemeber, for 11 years now, HANA organizes trainings and a conference for media.  This year, more than 500 media people will be in Highway Africa.
  The site is here http://hana.ru.ac.za/
  I have copied the Editor here
  Very best

yehudakatz at mailinator.com wrote:
  Hello Stephane and Phil,

I want to understand this particular thread (or parallel) better, wherein your
opinions you demarc the 'Jurisdictional Boundaries' of ccTLDs and gTLDs.

Could you please expand upon it technically (in terms of DNS) & non-technically
(in terms of Governmental lines).

[*Note: Please base your argument from the perspective of the
Consumer/User/Registrant. If you'd like to add the Political aspects like UDRP,
Intellectual Property, etc. / thats fine, but thoses are already understood ]


Phil wrote: ...

You mean that: having ccTLDs, which allow citizens, residents and businesses of
a country to register domain names within a legislative and political framework
that may be more favorable to them, than a gTLD, (where UDRP will ensure that
large corporations can force you to relinquish your domain if they believe they
own the trademark to it) and *possibly*, at a cheaper price -- is a vanity
thing ?


Then Stephane wrote: ...

But for the registrant, as Phil explained well, it is *not* the same thing to
be subject to the laws of California (ICANNland, USA), Virginia (Verisignland,
USA) or of his own country!


Note* Stephane I like your rhetorical, however I'm not quite clear on how you
have severed these into separate Jurisdictions (what you said, is what I'm
looking to understand better):

" ... it is *not* the same thing to be subject to the laws of California
(ICANNland, USA), Virginia (Verisignland, USA) or of his own country! "

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