[governance] TR: [GAID Steering] Renewal of membership in the GAID Strategy Counciland Steering Committee

CONGO WSIS - Philippe Dam wsis at ngocongo.org
Mon Aug 6 12:43:07 EDT 2007

Dear all, 


This is to inform about the recent announcement circulated by the GAID
Secretariat regarding the renewal of membership in GAID Structures (Steering
Committee and Strategy Council). 


As the first step of the renewal process, current members are requested to
indicate whether they are interested and available to be candidate for
renewal of their terms. 


The GAID Secretariat proposed to renew the Steering Committee and Strategy
Council membership through a principle of rotation, in order to ensure some
kind of continuity, before the next meetings of those two structures. 


The GAID Secretariat also invited civil society to identify nominations from
among its constituencies. A process similar to the self-nomination process
used in May 2006 for the first terms of GAID structures will therefore be


See more details attached in Mr. Sarbuland Khan’s e-mail. 



GAID Steering Committee

GAID Strategy Council

Deadline for outgoing members to express their interest in a renewal of
their terms


15 August 2007


1 October 2007

Deadline for new nominations for membership 


1 September 2007


30 November 2007

Date of the GAID structure with its renewed membership

19 September 2007

New York

May 2008

Kuala Lumpur


CS self-nomination process: suggestions


Any CS self nomination process for Strategy Council membership should be
initiated in the course of September as regards the Strategy Council. 


As regards the Steering Committee, any self nomination process should be
identified no later than 31 August. 


I would suggest that while to the Strategy Council CS self-nomination
process should be broad and open to reach out to a large number of
constituencies, a Steering Committee self-nomination process, due to the
short deadline and the fact that only one seat might be open to renewal,
should rather involve a smaller number of persons. I would suggest that
current CS members of the Strategy Council (+ CS High Level Advisors?)
should be asked to identify and select the CS member of the Steering
Committee to be appointed in September by the UN SG.


Please share your comments on that last proposal.


I would also invite current members of GAID structures to also inform
through the CS list serves whether they are interested and available to
continue serving in GAID structures. 


All the best, 


Philippe Dam

Philippe Dam
CONGO - WSIS CS Secretariat 
E-mail:  <mailto:wsis at ngocongo.org> wsis at ngocongo.org
Website:  <blocked::http://www.ngocongo.org> www.ngocongo.org 


De la part de Sarbuland Khan
Envoyé : mardi, 31. juillet 2007 23:04
À : steering at un-gaid.org
Objet : [GAID Steering] Renewal of membership in the GAID Strategy
Counciland Steering Committee


Dear colleagues, 

According to the Terms of Reference adopted at the 27 September 2007 meeting
of the Steering Committee (see attached), the term of the members of the
GAID Steering Committee is due to end this September 2007, and the term of
members of the GAID Strategy Council will conclude before the next meeting
of the Strategy Council (to be held in May 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
during the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT)). 

Consequently, there is a need to initiate the process for the rotation of
the membership. In order to ensure both continuity and renewal, it is
envisioned that approximately one-third of the membership of each body
should rotate. 


The Secretariat would be grateful for an indication from current members as
to whether they would be available and interested to be considered as a
candidate for renewal. We would be grateful to receive this information
(addressed to stafford at un.org and dejesus3 at un.org  no later than 15 August
2007, for Steering Committee Members and by 1 October 2007, for Strategy
Council Members. 


The Secretariat invites nominations for new candidatures for the Steering
Committee for 2 governments, 1 civil society/not-for profit, 1 international
organization and 1 media organization by 1 September 2007, and the Strategy
Council for approximately 20 seats (1/3 of the membership of each
stakeholder group) by 30 November 2007. (Please see
http://www.un-gaid.org/en/about/howgaidworks  for the list of current

As is established practice, nominations for Member States are being
solicited through the United Nations regional groups. Civil society and
trade organizations are being invited to identify nominations from among
their constituencies. There is no limit to the number of nominations that
may be submitted. Qualified organizations may also independently express
interest in membership. Nominations should be submitted to the Secretariat
by the appropriate deadline noted above through the email address
nominate at un-gaid.org. Information on the nomination process is being
published on the GAID website. 


The list of recommended candidates will be developed following consultations
with the Strategy Council and the Steering Committee and presented to the
Secretary-General for his approval. The appointment of new members is
anticipated to be announced in September 2007 for the Steering Committee and
by the end of December 2007 for the Strategy Council. 

If you have any questions on the process, please contact Ms. Cheryl Stafford
(stafford at un.org, +1 (917) 367-3116) or Mr. Robert de Jesus
(dejesus3 at un.org, +1 (917) 367-2432). 

With my best personal regards, 


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